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We have developed unique products to support and build certifiable circulation of consumer magazines.

The services provided by DLT Media strengthen the marketing efforts of publishers and can result in increased sales, satisfied advertisers and better brand familiarity in the market; from building circulation for national magazine publishers across premium business networks to more targeted regional distribution as well technology based services such as subscription management and insights and feedback.

In 1998 DLT Media first started distributing magazines into business networks in The Netherlands. The "DLT" in our brand name means De Lees Tafel which in English translates as "The Reading Table". As well as The Netherlands we now operate in the UK, Republic of Ireland and South Africa and in each market we are the leading distributor of magazines into public place locations working across a large portfolio of titles with all major publishers. Our range of services in the UK covers Bulk and MFD distribution and Print & Digital Subscriptions. Every month we distribute more than 500,000 magazines to over 30,000 solicited businesses reaching over 25 million readers every month. The foundation of our business is our own in-house developed and built distribution and circulation management software on which our products operate. In addition to our distribution services we offer publishers advanced software for real-time insights and feed-back on mobile devices. We are a member of ABC and ISO 9001 accredited.

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