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If you’re looking for a risk & waste-free way to entertain your patients whilst they wait for their appointment, then Digi-Mags could be the perfect solution.

Digi-Mags offers instant access to over 130 digital magazines & daily newspapers that has been fully optimised to any device.

This web-based, fully white label platform allows for full customisation, so you can link their reading time back in to your in-house news, social channels & links to book their next appointment!

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DLT Magazines

DLT Magazines can offer you huge savings on your print subscriptions. So if you’re looking to get print magazines back in to your practice, DLT should be your first port of call.

We have the best selection of the top UK magazines & newspapers and can offer pre-selected boxes, built for your practice or choose from a custom box which can be swapped out month on month.

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Digi-Mags Custom

Take a look at what Digi-Mags Custom could look like for your practice.

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