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Upinion Features


Different question types
There are multiple question formats you can use; date, time, numeric, image selection, image submission, multiple choice, ratings, open ended answer, multiple answers and single answer.

From your PC, mobile or tablet
It’s simple to create a conversation or structure a dynamic survey sent out at a specific time using the Upinion dashboard on your desktop, tablet or from the mobile App. With Upinion its easy to ask questions and get feed-back whenever it suits you.

Unlimited questions
There are no restrictions on how frequently you wish to engage with your audience. Ask as much as you want. By being in direct contact with your audience through Upinion you can keep asking questions and surveys until you have attained the insight you need.


Audience Management
Invite your customers, staff, team or prospects to take part in your panel. Expand their involvement with your product and make them part of your company by letting them know they have influence and are part of decision making process. Upinion can help you invite or purchase respondents in order to build your panel.

Flexible Reward System
Reward your respondents for taking part. Convert rewards into Pounds, e-points, vouchers or a prize draw. Upinion can help you build a bespoke reward system.

Build your own welcome page for your panel so that respondents can connect and identify directly with your brand when they register


Geo Fence
Upinion makes it possible to ask questions based on location information. Respondents will only receive a question when they are in a certain location that you have specified. Use this to reach your audience in the exact moment of experience.

Sensor technology
By using sensors in combination with advanced scripting you can measure specifics, like temperature and speed to give your questions more depth.


Real-time Research by backwards measuring is something of the past. Measure and know in the moment. Using Upinion you can conduct research as easily as you start a “Chat”. It’s Peer to Peer. You ask a question or series of  and get your answers in real-time.

Share Results                    
Involve your respondents by giving them insight into your results by sharing these in the App. Make your results available to colleagues for immediate sharing of information.


Statistics and Reports
Have a clear overview of your respondents and their answers.With Upinion it’s very easy to create reports of your conversations.

Advanced analytics
Keep a close watch on your results and given answers by selecting demographics and psychographics of the respondents that answered. Based on the given answers and filters you can be more targeted to who you ask the next question.

Export to SPSS, Excel, etc. Or API
Export all your data to systems you already work with.

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