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Our distribution networks include, private healthcare, dental, hair & beauty, hotels, car showrooms and gyms amongst others. Placing magazines in public areas adds value to multiple constituencies including:

Advertisers - reaching an audience that is likely to take actions based on the advertising - recent research concluded that between 81% and 94% of readers of magazines in waiting rooms took actions based on the magazine content, whether editorial or advertising and readership in public locations can be up to 13.75 times higher than newsstand.

Readers - for whom magazine reading is the No.1 activity while visiting hair salons, dentists etc...

Publishers - providing opportunities to build verifiable circulation and attract new readers.We offer publishers targeted and flexible media placement strategies across Bulk, MFD & subscriptions. All copies are ABC compliant.

Our market leading product for businesses in the UK and Ireland. Working with premium consumer titles, DLT Magazines is targeted to businesses such as Dentists, Healthcare Practices, Hair & Beauty Salons, Hotels, Sports Venues and provides publishers premium media placement opportunities for publishers across these sectors.

Mags4less is an alternative web based magazine supply service aimed towards smaller business venues that need magazines for their customers. It offers businesses a more flexible and cost effective solution to their magazine requirements.

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